02/27/2018 11:20 EST | Updated 03/02/2018 16:30 EST

Tessa Virtue's Sassiest Tweets Make Us Love Her Even More

We didn't think it was possible.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters
Canadian ice dance star Tessa Virtue has sass on and off the ice.

On the ice, Tessa Virtue's every move each turn, lift, twizzle and dramatic eyebrow arch is deliberate, choreographed, and calculated to draw us in to her passionate, bold, and sometimes playful performance.

Off the ice, well, same, really.

Her Twitter game is 100 per cent (you guys, she's tweeted at Colbie Smulders, Patrick J. Adams, and Justin Trudeau), and even though we honestly didn't think it was possible to love Virtue any more than we already do, here we are.

After all, along with her ice dancing partner Scott Moir, Virtue won two gold medals in PyeongChang, paid tribute to Gord Downie at the Olympic Gala skate, had to tone down a routine that was too sexy for the judges, made us believe in true love (even though she and Moir swear they're not dating OMG just stop it, you two!) inspired some of the best memes on the internet, and set a ratings record when 4.3 million people tuned in to watch her and Moir skate for a gold medal on Feb. 19.

But then she went ahead and also showed some serious sass on Twitter, and we died. And we're not alone: Virtue was the second-most mentioned Canadian athlete on Twitter during the Olympic Games (second only behind Moir), according to data from Twitter Canada, and she gained 2.5 times more Twitter followers than she had before the Games began.

The world loves her, and they love her on Twitter, too.

From calling out Moir for missing practice, to connecting with celebs and politicians, here are five times Tessa Virtue earned a gold medal in social media.

1. When she reached out to this "Suits" celebrity in the most perfect way.

2. When she clapped back at Ryan Reynolds.

3. When her ice dance partner was too busy drinking beer at a hockey game to come to practice.

...which we love him for, though.

4. When music legends Hall and Oates wanted to make her dreams come true.

5. When ALL the celebs and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just fawned over her and she was cool as anything.

And ya, there was that time she (almost) flew a plane.


How long until she gets her own talk show, though?

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