02/28/2018 13:06 EST | Updated 02/28/2018 13:20 EST

Manitoba premier mum on sensitivity training for backbencher over tweets

WINNIPEG — A Manitoba government backbencher is still undergoing sensitivity training after posting controversial comments on social media.

But the Progressive Conservatives are not saying what kind of training Cliff Graydon is receiving or how much time he has put in.

Graydon represents the Emerson area where asylum-seekers have been walking across the border from the United States.

In a tweet last month, he called them a "drain on society" and also retweeted other people's posts that called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a traitor, a scumbag and a disgrace.

Graydon apologized, deleted the tweets and agreed to step back from social media and undergo sensitivity training.

The Tory caucus has rejected a request for an interview with Graydon, and Premier Brian Pallister will only say that Graydon has embraced the sensitivity training.

"There's no question that sensitivity training was undertaken enthusiastically by Mr. Graydon and my understanding is it's ongoing," Pallister said Wednesday.

The premier said he has told his caucus members they are accountable for messages they post on social media. But he would not reveal any details of the training Graydon is receiving.

Tory caucus chair Wayne Ewasko called Graydon's comments unacceptable when they first came to light.

In a brief written statement Wednesday, Ewasko wouldn't divulge any details of Graydon's training either.

"Mr. Graydon indicated that he would be taking sensitivity training, which is ongoing."

Graydon's Twitter account has been less active since the controversy erupted. He has largely focused on promoting community events and retweeting posts by other caucus members.