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Hadrien Trudeau Got A Birthday Banana. People Had Opinions.

"Where is the cake?"

Anyone with young children knows, these two facts will always be true: kids are particular, and other people love to judge your parenting choices.

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau faced a whole lot of the latter from a situation that for all we know could have stemmed from the former when she posted a photo of her youngest child Hadrien, with a celebratory banana on his fourth birthday.

"My lovely little boy Hadrien. "Didi," you light up our lives! Four years on Earth! Be brave, little guy, the adventure continues! Mom," Gregoire Trudeau, wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, wrote on Facebook and Instagram on Wednesday.

The accompanying photo of little Hadrien excitedly eyeing a sparkler-adorned banana as big sister Ella-Grace looks on sparked an onslaught of comments — and not just from people wishing the prime minister's youngest child a happy birthday.

"Is that a banana? Feel free to take some of my taxes and buy that kid a cake Justin Trudeau. Happy birthday!" one person commented on the photo, which the prime minister had shared on his Facebook page.

"Is that a sparkler in a banana? i mean, I love bananas as much as the next kid, but ... cookie or something?" another person wrote.

"Where is the cake? This doll of a boy deserves some cake!!! Happy Birthday Hadrien!" said another commenter.

But a number of people also commented in support of the birthday banana. Many pointed out that the photo could have been taken at breakfast (it wouldn't be the first time), that perhaps Hadrien has dietary restrictions such as a gluten intolerance, or that maybe he actually asked for a banana (who among us hasn't known a child who tried to live off a favourite food at some point in their lives?).

"Some children really don't like cake. I have a granddaughter who has never liked cake, she's 24 now. Perhaps that's what he wanted!!" one person wrote.

"Maybe they are saving the cake for later, when all of their family and friends are there to celebrate," another person said.

"Being gluten intolerant that would be the the best BD cake for me !!!! Ps I love bananas!! Bonne fête Hadrien!!!!," read another comment.

On Hadrien's third birthday, Gregoire Trudeau posted a photo of him enjoying a birthday muffin at what appeared to be the breakfast table, lending credence to the birthday banana breakfast theory.

As far as the "maybe he wanted a banana" theory, kids can be particular in their food choices, making requests that might seem odd to an adult.

Last Christmas, Mumsnet asked parents to share the weirdest gifts their kids requested, and the list included: cheese, potatoes with gravy, a stick, an Easter egg, bottled water, and light bulbs, the Daily Mail reports. A little girl in the U.S. made headlines last year when she insisted on a "poop"-themed birthday party, and her parents delivered.

We already know Hadrien is sprited. The Trudeaus recently returned from a trip to India, where photos of Hadrien living his best life and giving zero cares for protocol went viral.

Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press
We're dying.

But also: maybe Gregoire Trudeau just wanted her son to have banana for his birthday, and that's her choice to make as his parent.

"Who cares if it's a banana. Happy birthday honey," one person wrote on the photo.


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