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Low-Cost Skincare Lines You Need To Obsess Over

Because The Ordinary isn’t the only one.

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Ever since rumblings surfaced indicating trouble in paradise for The Ordinary, we've been bracing for the worst.

Since 2013, quality skincare has been accessible to everyone thanks to Deciem, the company behind The Ordinary. Founder and CEO Brandon Truaxe pontificated regularly about how unnecessary it is for skincare ingredients like retinol to cost $98. With that in mind, his skincare baby was born with unheard of inexpensive pricing.

But then drama started earlier this year after Truaxe took over the company's official Instagram account, giving insight into how the company was run, and key members of the leadership team started resigning or got dismissed.

For those who have gotten used to treating your skin to typically expensive products for bargain-basement prices, we bet you're a tad concerned about the company's future.

Luckily, if worse comes to worst, there are some solid alternatives that have cropped up over the years that you can turn to. Relatively wallet-friendly and effective, these skincare brands could be poised to become your new The Ordinary.

1. Sephora Collection Skincare

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Sephora Collection's vast skincare line has been waiting in the wings to be noticed. They've always offered quality products for fair prices, but simply got overshadowed by the hype of The Ordinary and other viral brands. First-timers should try one of their many facemasks or use their $8 Precision Pore Cleansing Pad in conjunction with their Supreme Cleansing Oil.

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2. Mario Badescu

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The packaging and even the ring of "Mario Badescu" looks and sounds expensive, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Products start at $9 and most don't exceed $30. A smattering of their higher-end products are pricey, but for a mid-range skincare line that's sold at Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom, their prices are A-OK. A fan favourite is the brand's drying lotion that customers swear by for shrinking angry blemishes and improving overall skin texture.

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3. Pixi Beauty

British brand Pixi Beauty has become many people's go-to affordable skincare line. The Glow Tonic is their most popular product and the coveted elixir is an exfoliating toner containing aloe vera, ginseng and glycolic acid. Other products carried in the line include serums, an enzyme peel, moisturizers and toners.

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4.Yes To

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Those looking for an affordable all-natural skincare line can stop thanks to Yes To. Playful, bright packaging and a promise to keep their formulas free of toxic chemicals and parabens have helped this company flourish. The majority of their skincare products — including masks, cleansing balms, and wipes — are made with extracts from the fruits and veggies we all love.

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5. Lush

Remember Lush? The handmade cosmetics line became so popular for their bath bombs, it seems people forgot they carry skincare. Well, let us remind you that all Lush's products are lovingly made by actual humans and are devoid of harsh chemicals. Prices for masks, cleansers, moisturizers and toners start at $9.95, with the priciest products bottoming out at $44.95 — with the exception of their Gorgeous Moisturizer.

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6. Holika Holika

We couldn't talk about skincare without mentioning K-Beauty. Korean skincare hasn't stopped being all the rage since it touched down on North American soil. Holika Holika was one of the first K-beauty lines to come to Canada and despite its popularity, they've continued to keep prices relatively affordable.

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Thayers isn't a glossy millennial skincare brand, but it's managed to win hearts based purely on performance. They carry a limited range of products — mostly a variety of alcohol-free witch hazel toners — but have a fiercely loyal following.

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8. Meow Meow Tweet

The adorable packaging from this small-batch cosmetics shop is impossible to resist. All of MMT's products are ethically sourced, vegan and made of organic and unrefined plant oils and butters. Their facial-care line carries a small but mighty lineup of products, including a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, face oil, serum and facial mask. Prices range roughly from $15 to $35. Products are also available at brick and mortar shops like The Detox Market and Health Hut Boutique.

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9. Pacifica

Pacifica Beauty's price points are probably the most closely matched to The Ordinary. The all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics line features products for as low as $6. Their cleansers, serums and creams are all priced around $16, which, outside of The Ordinary, is unheard of even compared to drugstore products. Their Sea Change Future Youth Serum is the only item that exceeds $20.

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10. Spectro Skincare

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Spectro is the practical, somewhat bland sibling of the skincare family, but it works and that's really what's important. The uninspiring packaging won't get you particularly revved to try it, but you need to trust us and all the dermatologists who have referred clients to Spectro over the years. This non- irritating, paraben-free, fragrance-free formula will give you the clear skin you've always wanted, without irritating your skin. It's also affordable and that's what we all came here for, right?

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