03/20/2018 06:56 EDT | Updated 03/20/2018 16:17 EDT

HuffPost Canada's 'Backbenchers' Episode 2: Ford Wins, Scheer Takes London, PM Loves Steel

What a wonderful Spring Break.

After a whirlwind month of surprises and scandals, Ontario politics has finally returned to its regular, boring normal state.

Just kidding! One-time Toronto city councillor Doug Ford is now the leader of Ontario PCs and, if recent polls are to be believed, has a strong chance at forming government.

On the second episode of "Backbenchers," we take a look at Ford's balloon-less coronation and the first week of his leadership. We also get into the recent controversy that engulfed NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, as well as the prime minister's recent meeting with alleged Science Guy, Bill Nye.

You can watch the full episode in the video embedded above.

This episode's stories:

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