03/19/2018 00:06 EDT | Updated 03/19/2018 00:06 EDT

Our Favourite Spring Flings

It's hard not to feel an extra pep in your step when spring rolls around. Love is in the air—along with all those other sweet sounds and scents. The birds chirp, the flowers bloom, and suddenly anything feels possible. Inspired by Starbucks® new TeavanaTM/MC Tea Lattes, here are all the things we're excited for this season, plus one way to keep the good vibes rolling well beyond March 21st.

Henwick Yiu

Now you can enjoy the beauty of full-tea flavour in spring and throughout the year with Starbucks new Teavana Tea Lattes. Featuring rich, complex flavours from whole-leaf microground teas, savour Matcha, Rooibos or Black tea reimagined in a light, balanced and creamy beverage.