03/23/2018 08:34 EDT | Updated 03/23/2018 10:02 EDT

City of Montreal to hit drivers with increased parking, traffic fines

MONTREAL — The City of Montreal is following up on a promise to boost fines for parking and traffic violations for the first time since 2009.

Fines for parking in a handicapped zone will double to $300, while tickets for double parking and blocking traffic will increase by $20 to $60.

The fine for a basic parking violation will be $62 with fees, compared to $30 in Toronto, $68 in Calgary and $100 in Vancouver, according to figures supplied by the City of Montreal.

The city says the measure will improve traffic flow and make the roads safer, but the opposition says it amounts to a disguised tax and an example of the administration's anti-car agenda.

The administration angered some drivers last month when it announced a pilot project to ban through traffic from the city's iconic Mount Royal park.

Earlier this year, the city announced it expects to collect roughly $12 million more in revenues from fines despite ending a widely hated ticket quota system for police officers.