03/28/2018 18:33 EDT | Updated 03/28/2018 18:48 EDT

Windsor, Ont. Dad Who Whipped Son With Cord For Eating Toast Too Slowly Gets Probation

He had pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon.

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A USB charging cord. A dad from Windsor, Ont. has been given a conditional discharge after he whipped his son with one of the cords for eating his toast too slowly.

WINDSOR, Ont. — A man who whipped his six-year-old son with a charging cord for eating his toast too slowly has been given a conditional discharge, radio station CKLW reported Wednesday.

In sentencing the man from Windsor, Ont., to three years of probation, Ontario court Judge Sharman Bondy said corporal punishment was no answer to loving parenting.

The man, who cannot be named to protect his child's identity, had pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon for the incident that left the boy with welts on his body.

School authorities discovered the welts in December 2015, and the boy's father later admitted to hitting him with a USB charging cord.

'Pretty positive' dad will successfully complete probation: lawyer

Bondy cited the first-time offender's remorse, guilty plea and efforts at rehabilitation, which include taking anger management and parenting courses. The upshot, the judge said, was that jail time was not warranted in this case.

The boy's mother described the father as having a loving and good relationship with his son.

"We are pretty positive that he is moving in the direction of completing his probation and he will complete it properly," his lawyer Patricia Brown, told CKLW. "The conviction will not register — he receives a discharge — if he successfully completes probation."

Brown said the family was relieved these "significant dramatic circumstances" had now been dealt with.

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