03/29/2018 12:35 EDT | Updated 03/29/2018 12:42 EDT

Lloyd Robertson, Retired CTV Anchor, Reports On His Own Car Crash

This is commitment.

Former CTV News anchor Lloyd Robertson was involved in a car crash while driving along Toronto's Don Valley Parkway. He later gave CP24 viewers a rundown of what happened.

Former CTV News anchor Lloyd Robertson might be out of the news business, but he's not done reporting just yet.

On Thursday morning, the veteran journalist was involved in a car crash while driving along a Toronto expressway. He then proceeded to report on the incident for viewers of local channel CP24, an affiliate of CTV.

After getting handed a microphone by CP24 reporter Cam Woolley, Robertson got to work.

"I was travelling south on the Don Valley Parkway, between Eglinton and Don Mills. I was coming along about 100 [km/h], no more, and bang! I spun out."

Watch what happened below:

Robertson says he was in the middle lane when a vehicle hit his car's rear left-end, causing him to swerve into the median and then hit a van, which "knocked" it over.

Like any good journalist, Robertson then offered a nice anecdote to keep the viewer intrigued.

"I'm told by police friends that this is where they hit them when they want to spin them out, if they're chasing somebody," he says.

What a pro. Woolley, a former officer with the Ontario Provincial Police, confirmed this tidbit.

Robertson then took viewers to the front of car, where the real damage can be seen.

'That's how it goes sometimes, Steve'

"The airbags came out, they worked beautifully. I was still in one piece, I knew that," he says.

The former anchor was on his way to CP24's office to say goodbye to CP24 Breakfast co-host Steve Anthony, who is leaving the show, according to the Toronto Star.

The channel reported that all lanes on the DVP re-opened a few hours after the crash. Robertson, who emerged unscathed thanks to his car's beautifully functioning airbags, offered an apology to Anthony.

"That's how it goes sometimes, Steve. Just a little accident," he joked.

Robertson retired after a 35-year career in journalism in 2011, although he did admit to The Globe and Mail that year that he is a bit of a "workaholic."

No kidding, Lloyd.

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