03/30/2018 18:57 EDT | Updated 03/30/2018 18:58 EDT

Fnu Faizullah Arrested After Allegedly Throwing Toddler Out Window

He told police his son opened the window and fell.

Crime scene blurred law enforcement and forensic background
TheaDesign via Getty Images
Crime scene blurred law enforcement and forensic background

AUSTIN, Texas — Investigators say a Central Texas man has been arrested after a neighbour reported seeing him throw his 2-year-old son out a third-story window.

Travis County jail records show 32-year-old Fnu Faizullah was being held Friday on a charge of injury to a child. Austin police say the boy suffered cuts and bruises in Tuesday's incident at some apartments.

An affidavit says Faizullah told police he was asleep, his son opened a window and fell.

Court documents indicate a witness told police she was outside, heard yelling, then saw a man remove the window screen and toss the toddler out. The mother retrieved the boy and later allegedly told police he fell at a park.

Online records don't list an attorney representing Faizullah. Bond was $30,000.

Child Protective Services is investigating.