04/09/2018 16:17 EDT | Updated 04/09/2018 16:17 EDT

Viral Hashtag #NunavutTVShows Is 'Northern Humour At Its Best'

Show suggestions include "No Tree Hill" and "Saved By The Bell 10Gb Data Package."

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In what's being called "northern humour at its best," the hashtag #NunavutTVShows uses dryness and wit to highlight some serious issues for the northern territory, while also painting a picture of the community and culture of life in Nunavut.

The social media campaign — which involves tweeting a typical TV show with its name re-imagined for Nunavut — trended on Twitter over the weekend.

Tweeters from the North poked fun at the landscape, the cost of living, and the internet.

And had a few things to say about the healthcare system.

And while many of the tweets touched on some serious topics for the North — such as housing (which has been called "inadequate and unsafe" by officials), hunger (food shortages are a huge problem), and health issues (Nunavut has the worst health outcomes in all of Canada) — others touched on the community and culture.

The hashtag actually made its debut five years ago (and as #NunavutMovies), but had a surge over the weekend in response to another huge and heartbreaking issue for Nunavut: suicide. At its worst, the five-year suicide average for Nunavut was 121 per 100,000 people — nearly 11 times the national rate, according to the Canadian Press.

Some users thanked those tweeting #NunavutTVShows for making them laugh, and — for those who may have moved away — for reminding them of home.

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