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Canada's Best 100 Restaurants, Top 50 Bars, For 2018 Revealed

We have some pretty amazing places to eat and drink from coast to coast to coast.

Foodies, rejoice!

The 2018 rankings for Canada's top restaurants are here, and giving us delicious reasons to dine out from coast to coast to coast. This year, the annual rankings from Canada's 100 Best Restaurants include the country's top 50 bars, and wow do we ever want a cocktail now.

Toronto took the top spot on both lists, with contemporary french eatery Alo ranking first for restaurants (plus its bar placed fifth for bars), and Bar Raval listed as the top bar in the country.

Canada's 100 Best Restaurants
Toronto's Alo is ranked the No.1 best restaurant in Canada.

"Two years after opening, Alo is grander and more ambitious than ever, yet, even still, its grasp never exceeds its reach. Chef-owner Patrick Kriss' kitchen team, led by chef de cuisine Nick Bentley, is cooking with the same attention-grabbing finesse with which it started — but displaying greater range," Canada's 100 Best Restaurants explained on its website.

Toronto's Bar Raval is described as a "beautiful, lively and convivial spot."

"...communal oak-barrel tables encourage chatting with strangers as an inviting playlist of African groove, Latin funk and psychedelic soul enlivens the place. Drinks include refreshing Spanish fizz cocktails made with crystalline, hand-carved brick ice, cava and your choice of vermouth. The skilled bartenders also create original fino sherry libations that sing with addictive saline undercurrents," Canada's 100 Best Restaurants said of the bar.

"It's an honour and we're stoked that a nation-wide resource like this exists to highlight the amazing bar community in Canada. All the bars featured from across Canada are awesome and you should check out every one," Bar Raval wrote on Instagram.

And we agree! So check out some of the top restaurant and bar rankings below.

Here are the top 10 restaurant rankings:

1. Alo Toronto

2. Toqué! Montreal

Benedicte Brocard
Montreal's Toque took the No.2 spot for best restaurant in Canada.

3. Joe Beef — Montreal

Canada's 100 Best Restaurants
Marrow bone at Montreal's Joe Beef restaurant.

4. Buca Osteria & Bar (Yorkville) — Toronto

5. Langdon Hall — Cambridge, Ont.

6. Montréal Plaza — Montreal

7. Raymonds — St. John's, N.L.

8. Le Vin Papillon — Montreal

9. Edulis — Toronto

10. Kissa Tanto — Vancouver

All of these restaurants look amazing.

Anyone feeling thirsty now?

Here are Canada's top 10 bars:

1. Bar Raval — Toronto

2. The Keefer Bar Vancouver

We're very excited to wake up and find out we've been ranked 2nd best bar in Canada by @canadasbest100. Thank you to everyone who has graced our doors and given us a chance to show you an incredible cocktail experience! We're in excellent company! Congrats to all our friends that made the list, and high fives to ALL of the bars & bartenders in Canada that are working round the clock to put Canada on the map. 😘 It couldn't have been done without the tireless efforts from all of our core staff over the years. Thank you all for pushing our country's cocktail culture into the future. Eight years old, and just getting started! . . . #canadasbest #bestbar #cocktailbar #cocktailculture #canadiancocktails #vancouver #yvr #yvrdrinks #cocktailhour #latenight #instadrinks #community #canada #bcbartender

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3. Coldroom — Montreal

WoW! What else can we say but thank you. We are so thankful and humbled to even be considered, let alone be ranked 3rd best bar in Canada by @canadasbest100 ! Congrats to all our Canadian friends that made the list, there is defiantly some amazing places that we look up too and love to work with all over the country! But a big congrats to @montreal that has defiantly made a splash in the last few years and we know how hard everyone is working, to continuously show that we have a voice in the Canadian cocktail community let alone the world. We're happy to be noticed along with local talents such as @atwatercocktailclub, @thecloakroombar, @biginjapan_mtl and @gokudo_mtl the @thecoldroommtl team is forever thankful and we all hope that we can continue to serve you the way @ambassador_spencer has so eloquently put it in the quote. Cheers & thank you #followtheduck

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4. Proof — Calgary

5. The Bar at AloToronto

6. Lot Six Bar & Restaurant— Halifax

7. Bar Von Der Fels— Calgary

8. Pretty UglyToronto

9. Clementine ​​​​​Edmonton

10. Woodcutter's BlanketWhitehorse

Woodcutter's blanket

For the full list of all the top restaurants and bars in Canada, check out Canada's 100 Best.

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