Tessa Virtue Is 'Much More Comfortable In The Air' Than Cooking At Home

Tessa Virtue.
Tessa Virtue.

She's a pro at doing spins, twizzles, and standing on Scott Moir's legs while he's skating around an ice rink, but there's one thing that Tessa Virtue isn't all that comfortable doing: cooking.

On Monday, the Canadian Olympic champion visited "The Marilyn Denis Show" for a segment that involved cooking (while simultaneously answering questions being thrown to her by Denis), and admitted that prepping food at home isn't her forte.

"I feel much more comfortable in the air at high speed, blades flying than I do right here in this moment in the kitchen," Virtue said while pointing to the dish she was attempting to make and laughing.

Her candidness sparked not only cheers from the live audience but from Twitter, too, many of whom couldn't get enough of Virtue's honesty about her lack of cooking skills.

But some people felt that the hosts were asking her to cook too much.

Virtue, 28, has previously said that the only food she can actually cook are poached eggs, but her diet involves "just eating clean," she told Strong Fitness magazine. "I make sure to get lots of protein, and I love fruits and vegetables, however, I also leave room for treats. I'm a sucker for any and all kinds of dessert, and I've learned not to deprive myself, but rather maintain a healthy balance."

"We train so much and so often that I have to treat myself ... I try not to deprive myself too much," Virtue told Elaine Lui on "Your Morning" on Monday. One of her favourite foods to indulge in is pie. "Lemon meringue, apple, rhubarb, honestly I love any kind of pie," Virtue said.

​​​​​And although she may not get a lot of use out of her kitchen cooking-wise, Virtue has admitted that she loves entertaining there.

"There have been a few dance parties in the kitchen — and some informal entertaining," she told Postmedia News in January.

"All of my siblings (and some of our best friends) were around the kitchen island chatting and laughing [on Christmas Eve]. I vividly remember taking a moment to stand back, gain perspective, and take a mental snapshot of the scene. We were all so grateful to spend time together, and there was ease to the ambiance of the space," she continued.

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