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10 Instagrammers To Follow If You Love Sporty Fashion

Athleisure can't stop, won't stop trending.

There's a reason the athleisure trend has exploded in popularity: people want convenience and comfort with style, and sporty fashion is the answer.

"Styling is evolving to merge business casual and sportswear into one," Deirdre Clemente, a history professor at the University of Nevada, told Business Insider. "Durability of sportswear and the versatility of business casual — put those two things together, and who's not going to want to buy it?"

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But while there are plenty of brands that cater to this sporty aesthetic, sometimes you just want some real life inspo to inspire your next outfit. That's where Instagram comes in.

The social media platform is a never-ending pool of #outfitgoals. You just need to know where to look. To help you out, we've rounded up 10 Instagrammers you should follow if you love sporty fashion.

1. @adrianneho


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Who: Adrianne Ho, founder of Sweat The Style

Where: Toronto

Aesthetic: Edgy streetwear


Who: "Small Town Girl," fashion blogger

Aesthetic: Laidback, cool girl vibes

3. @catmeffan

Who: Cat Meffan, fitness and travel blogger

Where: U.K.

Aesthetic: Comfy, chic yoga wear

4. @uhmlady

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Who: "Lady Divine"

Where: Edmonton

Aesthetic: Fun and chic

5. @yourgirlmax

Who: Max Houde-Shulman, influencer at Hashtagpaid

Where: Toronto

Aesthetic: Cool girl streetstyle

6. @sasha__wittenberg

Who: Sasha, fashion and beauty YouTuber

Where: Netherlands

Aesthetic: Bold and trendy

7. @tammyhembrow

Who: Tammy Hembrow, fitness mentor

Where: Australia

Aesthetic: Kim K meets athleisure

8. @vanessacesario_

Who: Vanessa Cesario, creative director at Kastor & Pollux

Where: Toronto

Aesthetic: Cool and quirky

9. @palomija

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Who: Paloma Elsesser, model

Where: Los Angeles

Aesthetic: Comfy cool

10. @liliandikmans

Who: Lilian Dikmans, model and Muay Thai fighter

Where: Australia

Aesthetic: Simple and casual

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