05/18/2018 16:31 EDT | Updated 05/18/2018 16:59 EDT

Pilar Rubio, Spanish TV Host, Shamed Online For Returning To Work Weeks After Giving Birth

"Poor thing will need the money to come back so soon," wrote one person on Twitter.

A Spanish TV host has caused a stir online after she went back to work weeks after giving birth.

Pilar Rubio, who is on the popular comedy program El Hormiguero (The Anthill) was criticized when the show posted a photo to Instagram Wednesday heralding her return.

"@pilarrubio_oficial has returned and brought us gadgets and super-useful advice for our babies!" it read.

Rubio, whose partner is professional Spanish soccer player Sergio Ramos, welcomed her third child, a son named Alejandro, at the end of March.

On May 4, she posted a photo to show that she was "back to work," possibly having photos taken, but her decision to get back to professional commitments so soon after her son's birth did not sit well with a number of people on Twitter and Instagram.

"Poor thing will need the money to come back so soon... what a caring mother," wrote one user.

Another person said she should be applauded for being physically able to go back to work when she did, but worried that her absence could cause the baby trauma or anxiety, because at this age they "need to know and have their mothers close."

Others saw Rubio's choice as an insult to women's rights, with one person saying that so many were fighting for their dignity and that her choice was unnatural.

"It's true that not everyone has millions in the the bank, sometimes scarce pennies or debts (red numbers), nor can pay full-time babysitters or personal trainers, hahaha... what little we have there is always someone who really has to screw it," wrote another.

Vuelta al trabajo 😃 // Back to work, shooting 📸

A post shared by Pilar Rubio (@pilarrubio_oficial) on

But several have also defended her right to make the choice and lamented that women are fighting each other.

"Don't put all the women in the same bag, some want it and others do not," wrote one Instagram commenter.

"Well, I'm neither a fan of Pilar Rubio nor especially of El Hormiguero. But of course I'm starting to be because I'm not on the same side as you, you bunch of hysterical hyenas," María Añaños wrote on Twitter.

Mothers in Spain are entitled to 16 weeks of maternity leave, but as with every country, no one is obligated to take it.

You go, Pilar. Honestly, we're just impressed by you.

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