05/24/2018 21:08 EDT | Updated 05/24/2018 21:08 EDT

Bradford, Ont. Senior Rescued After Spending Nearly 3 Days Trapped In Bathtub

She was suffering from the flu.

BRADFORD, Ont. — Police in a community north of Toronto say a woman has been rescued after spending nearly three days stuck in a bathtub.

South Simcoe police say officers were sent to a home in Bradford, Ont., on Wednesday night after a concerned friend said she'd been unable to contact the woman.

When officers arrived, they found the house locked, but while checking the back they noticed a light on in an upper level window. When they lifted themselves up to the window to look inside they heard a woman's voice call out for help from the bathtub.

Left with no other option to gain entry, officers kicked in the front door, went upstairs and found a 69-year-old woman sitting in the bathtub.

Paramedics were called and, with the help of police, removed her from the tub.

She explained she had been suffering from the flu, went to take a bath and was unable to lift herself out and had been stuck in the tub for approximately 70 hours without food and only water to drink from the tub faucet.

"She viewed the incident as a wake-up call to get extra help with her day-to-day living," police said Thursday in a release. "She also vowed to install a walk-in bathtub."