05/28/2018 11:21 EDT | Updated 05/28/2018 13:03 EDT

Shafiq Qaadri, Liberal Candidate, Crashes NDP Press Conference In Toronto

Elections are a funny thing.

Jessica Smith Cross/Twitter
Ontario Liberal candidate Shafiq Qaadri appeared at an NDP press conference holding one of his campaign signs.

An Ontario Liberal candidate and MPP decided to crash a press conference NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was holding Monday morning in the heart of the so-called "Ford Nation."

Shafiq Qaadri appeared at Horwath's event in the Toronto riding of Etobicoke North, where Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford is running.

UPDATE: Qaadri apologized for his appearance in a tweet Monday afternoon, saying his move was "rash" and "inexcusable."

He stood in the background during the press conference holding his campaign sign and at one point told Horwath they shared a "common goal."

Qaadri is the riding's Liberal incumbent and was elected to the Ontario legislature in 2003.

Check out the very normal and totally not bizarre exchange below, captured by QP Briefing's Jessica Smith Cross:

"I think we both share a common goal, Ms. Horwath, against Mr. Ford," Qaadri tells Horwath.

"Shafiq, if you don't mind, I'm going to finish my press conference, and then you can have all the time you want to talk to the media," she shoots back as the audience starts applauding.

Shafiq Qaadri/Twitter
Ontario Liberal candidate Shafiq Qaadri is pictured with party leader Kathleen Wynne.

Qaadri's apperance raised some eyebrows for some journalists and users on social media, with some referring to the move as "foolish" and "classless."

The strange exchange comes just a day after the final televised debate of the election campaign, with many polls suggesting the main electoral showdown will be between Horwath's NDP and Ford's PCs.

Ontario voters head to the polls on June 7.

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