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Food-Inspired Baby Names That Aren’t As Weird As You’d Think

Kale did not make the list.

Social media has made it easy for people to share their love of food, so it was only a matter of time before parents started turning to their favourite fruits and vegetables for baby name inspiration.

Food names were popularized in the 2000s after Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin famously named their daughter Apple. While the former celebrity couple were criticized for what was believed to be a bizarre name choice, food-inspired monikers have become quite trendy in recent years.

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According to BabyCentre U.K., names of fruits, vegetables and other tasty treats have become popular among parents thanks to their uniqueness. But while monikers like Avocado and Quinoa might not make it to the top of the charts any time soon, there are still quite a few food monikers that strike a fine balance of being unique and accessible.

Here, we've rounded up 10 food-inspired baby names that do just that.

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1. Nori

Not only is Nori the Japanese name for the edible seaweed used for sushi, but it's also the nickname Kim Kardashian uses for her little girl, North, which is one of the reasons we're drawn to this moniker. Not only is this name short and sweet, but its connection to food isn't so obvious, which might appeal to some parents.

2. Benedict

Eggs benedict is a classic, just like the name it inspires. Benedict is a sophisticated moniker that has down-to-earth charm thanks to its nicknames: Ben and Benny. And in case you needed more reason to choose this name, Benedict means "blessed."

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3. Chia

OK, we know it might seem odd naming your kid after a superfood, but Chia is actually a name of Spanish origin and is a variation of Lucia, according to Nameberry. We love its sweet, feminine sound.

4. Saffron

Saffron is an underrated spice name, but that's what gives it its cool factor. The gender-neutral moniker famously belongs to English actress Saffron Burrows and conjures bright images thanks to the spice's bright yellow colour.

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5. Kobe

Although retired basketball player Kobe Bryant famously bears this name, his moniker was actually inspired by a type of high-end Japanese beef, CNN reports. Since the name was popularized by Bryant, parents will appreciate its association with strength and athleticism, as well as its unique subtle connection to food.

6. Ambrosia

This moniker means "food of the gods" in Greek mythology. We love its earthy sound and meaning, and the fact that it's technically not a food name, but is strongly related.

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7. Bartlett

Bartlett means "son of the earth," and is the name of a type of pear. It's also a common surname, which makes it a trendy choice since last names used as first names have come popular among parents. We love that the name is both strong and charming.

8. Clementine

Although not the most unique fruit name, Clementine has a sweet, friendly charm we just can't resist! The name also conjures bright, positive images and can be shortened to the chic nickname Clem.

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9. Brie

Who doesn't love cheese? While this French moniker reached peak popularity in the '80s, it's due for a comeback. The short but elegant name is appealing thanks to its sweet sound.

10. Julienne

This is a unique variation on the name Julian or Julien that plays on the term for the style of French cutting. We love that this moniker could be used for a girl or boy, and that it has an unusual spelling.

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