06/11/2018 19:51 EDT | Updated 06/11/2018 19:51 EDT

Montreal Police Open Probe After Driver Allegedly Pepper-Sprayed For Honking

A video shows the driver being sprayed in the face at close range.

Montreal police opened an internal investigation Monday after a widely shared video showed an officer pepper-spraying a black driver liberally in the face over alleged excessive honking.

Several bystanders, including one who was filming the man's arrest, were also sprayed during the same incident by another officer early Sunday morning with downtown streets heavily congested because of F1-related festivities.

The investigation is into both officers.

A short video of the incident was shared on Facebook and garnered a few hundred thousand views before being taken down.

Ian Lafreniere, the head of communications for the Montreal police, said an internal affairs probe will examine what happened.

"There's a lack of information, so we're not taking any chances," Lafreniere said in an interview.

On the video, the unidentified driver can be heard claiming racism and questioning why he's being arrested for honking his horn.

"For honking?," he shouts in French as he is handcuffed and others in the video note he isn't the only driver leaning on his horn.

Mayor Valerie Plante said she found the images worrisome.

For honking?Driver pepper-sprayed by Montreal officer

"I spoke to the director of the police department this morning," Plante tweeted Monday. "An investigation of the events has been triggered."

Lafreniere said the video itself is only part of the investigation and that a telephone number has been provided for witnesses or bystanders to call to speak with police.

Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante speaks during a news conference in Montreal on April 26, 2018, where she announced details of a plan to revamp Sainte-Catherine street.

Police said officers told the driver several times to not honk his horn so crowds wouldn't be revved up.

They say he subsequently refused to provide his licence when asked to do so.

The man's car can also be seen in the video lurching forward, allegedly striking a police officer's bicycle in its path before the arrest.

Lafreniere said the situation quickly became quite tense and the officers involved in the arrest asked for "urgent backup" on two occasions.

The incident took place just after midnight and came after authorities had previously shut down busy Sainte-Catherine Street twice because of rowdiness and security concerns.

Driver facing charges, $800 in fines

The Canadian Grand Prix tends to attract huge crowds to the city centre and Lafreniere said police handed out numerous tickets to drivers and even seized a vehicle.

The driver was given two tickets worth $800 in fines for revving his engine and excessive honking. He also faces charges of obstructing police work and resisting arrest.

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