07/01/2018 15:15 EDT | Updated 07/04/2018 09:27 EDT

Americans Turn To Twitter On Canada Day To Say Sorry For Trump

They're taking a page out of Canada's books and apologizing.

Canada is 151 years old today. To mark this momentous occasion, our neighbours to the south are taking a leaf out of our books and doing the one thing we're known most for: apologizing.

Americans are taking to Twitter to wish Canadians a happy Canada Day and saying sorry for their country's current administration.

Others promised that they would restore the Canada-U.S. relationship to its former glory and thanked Canadians for sticking with them.

The Trump administration has turned to a more adversarial page in the book of Canada-U.S. relations, with the president taking unprecedented shots at Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The U.S. imposed tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminium in late May and Trump hasn't held back on how he feels about Canada's dairy industry either. Canada fired back with retaliatory tariffs that kicked in on Sunday.

And some Americans just straight up pined for what they were missing and CBC's 22 Minutes tossed some salt in the wound to make it worse.

And finally, some people remembered that at the end of the day, Canada and the U.S. are allies.

Thanks for the well wishes, America!

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