07/21/2018 22:21 EDT | Updated 07/21/2018 22:44 EDT

Prince George's Birthday Is Here! Celebrate With These Precious Photos

Growing up so fast.

It's a big day for the Royal Family: Prince George of Cambridge, everyone's favourite eldest sibling, possible sasspot, Lion King fan, Cancer-Leo cusper, and the 49th best-dressed British man of 2015 is turning 5.

Kensington Palace released an adorable new photo of George to mark the occasion on July 22. Check out that grin-and-collar combo:

This year, he started school, was a page boy in his uncle's royal wedding, welcomed a little brother, went to several royal events, and — highlight! — played a sheep in his school's nativity play.

His fifth birthday has been marked with a commemorative coin of St. George slaying a dragon, an old English legend about good triumphing over evil. The dramatic imagery seems like a lot of pressure for a 5-year-old, but as someone who's never had a commemorative coin issued in my honour, I'll admit that I'm no expert.

To honour the little prince and possible future king, please enjoy these photos of some of Prince George's most memorable moments.