07/26/2018 13:20 EDT | Updated 07/26/2018 16:37 EDT

Twitter's #LittleKnownCanadianLaws Are Hilarious, Definitely Not Laws

Not yet, at least.

Canada is a massive country, with all kinds of quirks that might not be immediately apparent to visitors.

Spring and summer in the Great White North, for example, are more like concepts or metaphors than actual, distinct seasons of the year.

To help the rest of the world understand Canada's oddities, helpful Canadians have shared what they know on Twitter using the hashtag #LittleKnownCanadianLaws.

There are some helpful tips on the art of the apology, for example:

Some provided some important information on how to deal with moose:

Crucial culinary rules were shared:

As were helpful reminders on Canadian royalty:

Canadian Tire jumped in:

And, of course, a hashtag on fake Canadian laws wouldn't be complete without an official police account joining in:

Thanks, everyone. Great job!

Head to Twitter for more brilliant, absolutely unreal Canadian laws.