08/26/2018 23:07 EDT | Updated 08/27/2018 14:51 EDT

Awkwafina Meets 'Justin Trudeau,' Makes History As iHeartRadio MMVAs Host

And she cracked a Sandra Oh joke too.

Two years after she first expressed her love for "woke bae" Justin Trudeau, iHeartRadio MMVA co-host and "Crazy Rich Asians" star Awkwafina made history as the first Asian American actress to host a North American awards show, right here in Canada.

And she finally got to meet the prime minister ... in cardboard form.

"Oh my god, Justin," said Awkwafina, when presented with a cardboard cutout of Trudeau's head by iHeartRadio MMVA pre-show co-host, Chloe Wilde on Sunday night in Toronto. "Justin is so handsome, and not only that, he's a good man. I really love him and even this cutout. He's beautiful."

She sealed her comments with a hug. You can see the moment in this clip at 2:10:

The New York native, born Nora Lum, previously raved about Trudeau's feminist friendly policies in a 2016 RIOT video. More recently, Awkwafina called him a "heartthrob inside and outside" in an interview with the Canadian Press.

Her 2D political "meet-cute" came before she took the stage to emcee the Canadian awards show for the first time. The "Ocean's 8" actress and rapper arrived wearing a black and white off-the-shoulder checkerboard Versus by Versace cocktail-length dress and matching booties, and made her red carpet entrance by exiting a churro truck.

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Awkwafina arrives at the 2018 iHeartRADIO MuchMusic Video Awards at MuchMusic HQ in Toronto on Sunday.

The churro delivery for the fans was one of the teases she promised for the evening, starting with what viewers could anticipate for the ceremony.

"Just me, some awkwardness, some excitement, some surprises," said Awkwafina, to Wilde. "This show tonight is about this beautiful city and it's about the amazing performances we're going to see."

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Later on, she told etalk's Ben Mulroney that "the special thing about this show is obviously the fans, [and] it's outdoors."

"When you're exposed to that kind of energy, you just ride it. It feels great."

Mark Blinch / Reuters

During the pre-show, the star also took a moment to reflect on the success of "Crazy Rich Asians," which topped the North American box office for the second straight weekend, losing just six per cent of its opening weekend audience.

"People react in a way that moves me," said Awkwafina. "Representation is important and for Asian-Americans and for everybody, it's a universally epic film, and the response has been out of control."

The host changed into a royal blue, red and black pinstriped pyjama look and black bra top to kick off the show, which began with a performance from Shawn Mendes. After introducing herself as one of the stars of the summer's biggest comedies, "Ocean's 8" and "Crazy Rich Asians," Awkwafina went on to set the record straight about one other misconception.

"First of all, thank you for the sweet messages and congratulations on the recent Emmy nominations," joked Awkwafina on stage. "I am not Sandra Oh. I am not Sandra Oh, alright? That's another Asian. It's about me here."

Last month, Sandra Oh — an Ottawa-born actress — became the first Asian actress to be nominated for the Emmy for lead actress in a drama series for her work in "Killing Eve;" the first in the television academy's 69-year awarding history.

Fred Thornhill / Reuters
Awkwafina reacts to Shawn Mendes in a Marshmello costume onstage at the iHeartRadio MuchMusic Video Awards.

But with this confusion set to the side, and played for laughs, Awkwafina kept the momentum going by circling back to her ascent, and her humility.

"I may be standing in front of you today looking super glamourous in my pyjamas, but I am still that girl with the voice of a pro wrestler and the body of a Pikachu," said Awkwafina. "Stay humble y'all. Stay humble."

Humble or not, it's clear that Awkwafina's rise is only just beginning.

"I am a girl from Queens, New York and I just hosted the biggest party in Canada!" she said at the end of a glitch-free night of hosting. Who knows, maybe the prime minister had tuned in to watch.