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Natural Hair Care Products To Amplify Your Natural Beauty

Oh baby, what these do to our locks.

Natural beauty products are better for our skin and body, but our hair can also benefit from chemical-free care. Keep in mind that it can sometimes take a couple of weeks for your hair to adjust to the switch to plant-based products, so if you practice patience, the results can be worth it!

We logged some sudsy hours in the shower to comb through the best of the bunch, and came up with a shortlist of our greener favourites for you to choose from.

Check out our roundup below for some of the best natural shampoos and conditioners that are good for your health (and the health of the planet), while keeping your locks looking lovely.

We love the silky texture and soft scent of this certified natural Rosemary Conditioning Oil from plant-based beauty brand Weleda. When applied to wet or dry hair, the oil works to intensely condition and add shine; we'd also recommend it as a deliciously relaxing scalp treatment to nourish and invigorate the senses.

We're more than a little impressed with the lather and cleansing power of the activated charcoal, aloe vera, hemp seed oil, and apricot seeds combined in this waste-free, all-natural detox shampoo bar from Unwrapped Life. Our hair was gloriously clean and soft (and lightly scented with bergamot and blood orange) after just one wash, and we added a little extra moisture with the eco-brand's Detoxifier Conditioner Bar.

With so many sweetly scented and prettily packaged Love Beauty And Planet sets to choose from, it's hard to pick just one. We're particularly partial to Hope and Repair, a ylang ylang and coconut oil recovery duo for damaged hair that's gentle enough to use as frequently as you want to wash. The brand uses 100 per cent recycled bottles and contributes to a carbon tax fund. The sweet-smelling item is also 100 per cent vegan as well as silicone-, paraben-, and dye-free.

Arguably one of the OGs of eco-beauty, it's no wonder we're smitten with Lush Shampoo Bars, particularly the beach-y vibe of Seanik, which is made from ingredients sourced from the sea. Softening seaweed, lemon, and floral essences are combined with sea salt for an ocean vibe and voluminous mermaid hair.

Color Awakening Hairbath is an all-natural, colour-safe, gentle cleansing shampoo from Innersense Organic Beauty. Coconut and pumpkin seed oils, as well as shea butter and other plant-based ingredients, left our hair clean and moisturized. We followed up with the brand's Color Radiance Daily Conditioner, and enjoyed the Californian brand's suggested ritual of taking in deep breaths before we began to help mindfully wash our locks.

We do love supporting #CanadianMade, and this lavender-infused conditioner from Joyous Health makes it easy to shop local. Vegan, non-GMO ingredients like 100 per cent natural jojoba oil and organically farmed lavender and eucalyptus leaf oil give our hair just the right amount of volume and shine.

We're not sure where we'd be without a good dry shampoo in our beauty arsenal, and this overnight product from Kaia Naturals is definitely one of our faves. Powered by activated charcoal, and available in two shades of blond or brunette, this 100 per cent natural powerhouse powder works to absorb oil while you sleep, leaving you with refreshed hair when you wake.

Not just for lattes, matcha can also benefit your hair! Canadian green guru Graydon's Matcha Mint shampoo works to soften and hydrate hair, while being gentle on your scalp. Other plant-based ingredients like chia, hemp oil and sunflower seed extract combine to moisturize, strengthen and promote growth and length. The scent of all-natural peppermint and vanilla leaves us feeling fresh.

We appreciate this Nourishing Coconut Shampoo from Earth Luxe, which is Infused with hydrating and moisturizing pure coconut oil (naturally farmed in and sourced from India). We paired it with the brand's Nourishing Coconut Conditioner, which is also free of sulfates, silicon and paraben.

A little leave-in nourishment goes a long way, particularly when it's infused with the healing power of seven pure plant extracts, such as this hydrating day cream from Phyto Paris. The 50-year-old brand is 95 to 100 per cent natural. A cult favourite since it launched in the 1960s, Phyto 7 can be applied to dry hair for a daily conditioning treatment that works on-the-go.

The heavenly scent of papaya and plumeria extract combined with aloe vera juice and coconut oil in this shampoo and conditioner duo from Maui Moisture instantly transports us to the tropics. The brand is vegan and eco-friendly, and you can shop for it easily at retailers such as Wal-Mart and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Us eco gals are always on the lookout for a good multi-purpose product, and Clean hair and skin cleanser from World is one of our go-tos. Enriched with vitamins A through E, cucumber extract, ivy root, burdock root and calendula, we love how moisturized and clean this shampoo leaves our hair while being gentle enough for use on our skin (and even our babies!).

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