Adorable Photo Series Takes A Very Real Hit At Mommy Shamers

These images will make you think before you judge.

If there's one thing new moms know all too well, it's that no one is immune to mommy shaming.

That's why Las Vegas photographer and fellow mom Abbie Fox created an "anti-mommy-shaming" photo series to make people rethink the way they speak to new parents.

"When I was a first-time mom, I would cry [about] things people said to me, and the main culprit [was] other moms," the owner of Foxy Photography wrote on Facebook. "Why we can't just get along is a question I ask all of the time."

Fox photographed her clients' children holding signs with "hot button" topics mothers often get shamed for, which range from having an elected C-section to homeschooling their kids.

Watch the video above to see and learn more about the incredible photo series.

"I have wanted to do a shoot like this for a while, but wanted to make sure I could devote enough time to make sure it was perfect," the mom of three told HuffPost Canada in an email interview.

While Fox has been shamed for "a ton of parenting decisions through the years," there was no particular incident that sparked the photo series.

"I just know it is a major issue among moms," she said.

Not all controversial parenting topics were covered in the series, since the project consisted of volunteers, Fox noted on her Facebook page. However, she told HuffPost Canada that she hopes it raises awareness about how hurtful mommy shaming can be.

"I hope I can make even just a couple [people] rethink their words in the future."