08/29/2018 11:32 EDT | Updated 07/22/2019 11:41 EDT

How To Listen To Podcasts: A Step-By-Step Guide

Listen to HuffPost Canada's "Follow-Up" and other great shows.

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Wondering how to listen to and download podcasts? Check out this guide.

Heard a lot about podcasts but not sure how to actually find and listen to them? This guide will get you listening in no time.

Podcasts are essentially on-demand radio shows that you can listen to on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Best of all, they're free to subscribe to and download.

Here are instructions on how to get "Follow-Up", our Canadian politics show, on the device of your choice.

On your iPhone or iPad

The easiest way to get a podcast on your Apple device is by using the built-in "Podcast" app. Look or search for this purple icon. Click it to open the app.

HuffPost Canada

Search for "Follow-Up"

You should get a results page like the one below. Click on the Follow-Up icon to get to our show page.

HuffPost Canada

Once you're at our show page, subscribe by clicking on the button, or just listen to one or more episodes. Click on an episode to download and listen.

If you subscribe to our show, new episodes will be automatically downloaded to your phone or tablet. (If you don't want shows to automatically download, you can change that in the settings. Instead, you'll get a notification when there's a new episode.)

HuffPost Canada

On your Android phone or tablet

Download the new Google Podcast app from the Android app store.

HuffPost Canada

Open the app and search for "Follow-Up." (You might have to scroll through to find our show. Look for the blue "Follow-Up" logo.) Once you've found it, open our show page.

Here, you can subscribe to the show or listen to one or more episodes. If you subscribe, new shows will be automatically downloaded to your phone or tablet.

HuffPost Canada

On your laptop or desktop computer

There are a number of ways to listen to podcasts on your laptop or desktop computer. The easiest way is by using iTunes (available for both PC and Mac).

Open the iTunes app and toggle to the podcasts section.

HuffPost Canada

Search for "Follow-Up" and click on our show page. You can now subscribe to our show or listen to one or more episodes.

HuffPost Canada

Looking for more podcasts?

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Happy listening!