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Saskatoon Police Lip Sync Video Combines 'Brooklyn 99' Spoof With Backstreet Boys Song

To catch a doughnut thief.

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Saskatoon's police force wants you to want it that way.

The SPS released a video on Friday lip syncing in the most relatable way to the Backstreet Boys' hit song, "I Want It That Way." To make it even better, they wrapped the video up in a re-enactment of an iconic cold open from everyone's favourite cop comedy, "Brooklyn 99".

You can compare the homage to the original bit below:

The video also features some salivating over doughnuts, an adorable moment with a dog from the K9 unit, iconic Saskatoon landscapes and some of the mascots from the city's sports teams.

The force said its members had wanted to participate in a lip sync video like many other police forces had, but they had not been challenged. So, they decided to make one anyway. And according to the SPS, they're naturals.

SPS also hinted heavily in the comments that while they didn't issue any official challenges themselves, they may be planning on throwing down the gauntlet to Regina's police.

Their effort caught the eye of actual Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, who seems to be a fan of the the video's doughnut love, much to the force's excitement.

SPS noted in the video's comments that the production happened entirely on volunteered time and as a form of community engagement. The force has been subject to much criticism in the past over its alleged use of excessive force and treatment of Indigenous people.

This time around, they kept things light and invited fans who wished they'd been in the video to apply for the force.

And, they trolled video critics with some choice lyrics to other Backstreet Boys songs.

Well, to catch a doughnut thief, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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