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A Photo Of A Rhinoceros And Her Baby Is Putting Breastfeeding Shamers In Their Place

Hilarious calls to "cover up" under the Cincinnati Zoo's Facebook post highlight what human mothers face.

Lynn Smart/Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden/Facebook

Although there are definitely rewards, those who breastfeed can also face a lot of challenges.

Cracked nipples, teeth, mastitis, teeth, a bad latch, thrush, TEETH, too much supply, not enough supply, a squirming baby who thinks this is the best time to practice his gymnastics routine and high kicks, teeth, dry hair, dry nails, dry vagina, dry EVERYTHING while your sweet baby takes all your fluids, and did we mention teeth?

But some might argue the biggest challenge is the stigma that still exists, and comments to "cover up" from breastfeeding shamers. Which is why a photo shared by the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is giving us life right now.

"Kendi will still nurse every now and then when Seyia will allow it," the zoo said in a Facebook post from Sept. 5 showing the 14-month-old black rhino breastfeeding.

The fact that Kendi is nearly as big as his mother is amazing enough (strength, Seyia. strength), but a quick scroll through the comments on the post is a master-class in putting breastfeeding shamers in their place.

"Can't they do that in the bathroom? I'm trying to eat here...," one person wrote.

"Oh. My eyes! Someone get that exhibitionist a cover!! Preferably a RhinoShield," another person wrote.

"Omg! That CHILD is too old to still be on the tit! Get him a cup of cows milk! Ridiculous that mom allows that! Shes just trying to entice the other dads in the compound!! She should be ashamed!!," commented another.

Popular Australian lactation consultant and blogger "The Milk Meg" shared the photo to her Facebook page, as well, where the good times kept rolling.

"No nutritional value in rhino milk after 6 months didn't they get the memo? She's only doing it for herself," a commenter wrote.

"I bet they cosleep too. Ugh Rhinos are so crunchy these days!," another person added.

"She'll be nursing that Rhino way into university," another person commented.

While the comments are LOL-worthy because they're directed at a couple of rhinos, they highlight that actual human mothers face calls to cover up, breastfeed somewhere more private, stop nursing at a certain age, and are accused of being too sexual by having a bit of boob out all the time.

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In March, a photo of an Alberta hockey player nursing her baby in between periods caused social media furor, with some calling her an "attention seeker." And when Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould breastfeed her baby during the House of Commons in June, she had to field several 'helpful' online suggestions that she should have covered up, left the room, or stayed on maternity leave.

A recent study found that 17 per cent of Canadian moms admitted to feeling embarrassed while breastfeeding in public.

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