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Fall Baby Names: 10 Refreshingly Cool Monikers Inspired By Autumn

We bet you haven't thought of these.

The autumn season has acquired quite the fandom, and the countless memes that have been cropping up since August are proof.

Admittedly, fall is pretty spectacular. Not only does the season allow us to marvel in the changing colours of leaves, but the cooler air marks the official start of sweater weather, the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes, and the nostalgia of curling up in a blanket and watching scary movies from our childhood.

And now, everyone's favourite season has inspired another brilliant trend: unique baby names.

Auriole, Scarlett and Sorrel have topped a list of fall monikers for girls, while Forest, Cedar and Oakley have topped a list for boys, according to baby name app Bounty. The names are inspired by the "fiery colours" of autumn and the changes in nature that occur this time of year.

Considering the first day of fall is on Sept. 22, we know names inspired by the season have likely crossed some expectant parents' minds. So, to help you out, we've compiled a list of 10 unique fall baby names that are refreshingly cool.


If you're looking for a spunky, modern name for your wee one, then Topaz is it. The moniker is a gem name and is the birth stone for November. Although pure topaz is colourless, the gem is known to come in brilliant fall colours: yellow and reddish-orange.


Rhea is a nature name thanks to its meaning: "a flowing stream." Not only does it conjure images of walking through nature to take in fall foliage, but Rhea is also the name of an ancient Greek goddess who was associated with the earth.


Parents who love the spooky side of fall (and pop culture references) will appreciate this name. Xander was the name of Buffy's best friend in the hit show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." We love this refreshing nickname for the traditional moniker Alexander, and that it has the added cool factor of starting with the letter "x."


Fall brings mystery and intrigue, which is what this name embodies. Godric is a strong name, and means "God's power." "Harry Potter" fans might recognize the moniker as belonging to one of the founding members of Hogwarts (Godric Gryffindor) and the name of a London village (Godric's Hollow).


Celeste is another name that has an air of mystery to it. The Latin name means "heavenly" and is a chic, modern option for parents who don't want an obvious fall colour name for their baby. Celestine or Celestia are two other unique variations that just roll off the tongue, Nameberry notes.


Demeter is the perfect choice for parents who want a gender-neutral name inspired by fall. The moniker comes from the Greek goddess of the harvest and agriculture. We love that it can be shortened to Demi, or be given a longer form such as Demetrius or Demetria.


This sweet name reminds us of the fiery colours of fall thanks to its similar sound to the word "ember." The name means "brave" or "industrious" and can be used for boys and girls. We love that Emery isn't a traditional name associated with autumn.


Here's a name you don't hear every day. The French moniker means "dark brown" and is a nod to the changing hues of autumn. Baize has a bright, energetic feel to it, and we love that it's not a traditionally feminine name.


Speaking of colour names, Carmine is another great option. The unisex moniker, which means "vivid red," has an air of sophistication to it. It also has some stellar nicknames and variations: Carm, Carmin, and Carmel.


If you want a name that's short and sweet, then look no further than Nova. The name means "new" and can be a nod to the changing of the seasons. We love that this modern name is rarely used and that it's fitting for both girls and boys.

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