09/23/2018 12:40 EDT | Updated 09/23/2018 12:45 EDT

Best Halloween Costumes 2018: You Can Now Dress Up As 'Ghosting'

Truly, what's scarier?

"Ghost" is a classic Halloween costume for a reason. It's one of our most primal fears: spirits lingering among us, refusing to belong either to the dead or to the living. So it's only natural that among the familiar variations — the classic sheet ghost, the more elaborate, scarier version, or the inevitable sexy ghost — that we now have: ghosting.

Ghosting, of course, is the truly infuriating modern dating phenomenon where rather than just flat-out telling a prospective partner they're not interested, someone will simply stop responding to messages, leaving the first person to wonder whether or not they've actually died.

This usually happens via text, where it's easier than ever to avoid the basic responsibility we have as human beings to be relatively civil to one another. (Um, so we hear.)

Party City is now offering a "ghosting" costume, a hooded white polyester dress with a series of unanswered text messages on it. Behold:

Party City
Party City is now offering a "Ghosted" costume.

In a strange move, the company apparently only offers a women's costume, as if ghosting isn't something that ever happens to men.

Twitter users, as always, had strong opinions about it.

Hey, at least it's better than the sexy handmaid's costume.