09/26/2018 16:18 EDT | Updated 09/26/2018 18:17 EDT

Nova Scotia Widower Gerard Dunn Can Expect A Lot Of Birthday Cards After Daughter's Tweet

So pure. So kind. So Canadian.

A poor Canada Post employee in Sydney, N.S., is going to be lugging around a much heavier bag in the coming weeks, but the reason is so heartwarming and pure.

Miriam Dunn says she's expecting hundreds — if not thousands — of birthday cards for her 92-year-old dad, after a tweet she sent out earlier this week went viral, prompting people around the world to dig out their stamps.

Dunn's tweet explains how each day her dad, Gerard, "listens for the squeak of the mail slot opening," ever since losing his wife of 62 years this past spring.

She also shared a few pictures of her dad on his 80th birthday, dressed in a spiffy tan suit, which pulled at the heartstrings of more than a few people on Twitter.

Since Monday night, Dunn's received almost 20,000 retweets — but it's the personal responses that are really blowing her hair back.

"I'm a little concerned, actually," she told HuffPost Canada with a laugh. "I don't think Canada Post is ready for what's about to happen."

Here's what's about to happen:

Gerard is going to get some letters.

He can also expect a few packages.

He'll hear from some kids.

And meet some other in-love couples from around the world.

It won't just be birthday cards he's receiving, either.

Dunn told HuffPost Canada she's taken aback, but grateful, for the love people are showing her dad.

"They were still like honeymooners. He treated her like gold — worshipped her, really," she said, explaining how tough the loss of his wife has been for Gerard.

"He bragged about her all the time and left little notes around the house for her, a lot of which are still hanging around."

Dunn said that although her dad is getting older, he's still very active and witty, and loves to entertain people through music.

She posted a video, taken a few years ago, of her dad and brother tickling the ivories.

Gerard officially received his first piece of birthday mail on Wednesday morning.

And Dunn has added a few other gift suggestions, at the request of the kindhearted people of Twitter.

However, Dunn said it's less about the physical presents and cards and more about "the extraordinary amount of love he's being shown by complete strangers. It really is amazing."

Amazing, indeed.