10/15/2018 00:47 EDT | Updated 10/18/2018 13:38 EDT

Canadian Style: Everything You Need To Nail The Look

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Canada may be famous for hockey players, poutine, and politeness, but we've also got great style — Canadian tuxedo included. Whether it's keeping warm in flannels and toques come wintertime, or putting a relaxed twist on classic formal wear, there are plenty of uniquely Canuck looks to choose from.

In partnership with Mark's, here's a checklist of our favourite Canadian staples.

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Find your best fitting flannel shirt

From axe-swinging lumberjacks to guitar-slinging indie artists, the first thing many Canadians grab out of their closet is their favourite plaid shirt. It's a patriotic statement piece. Best of all, there's really no wrong way to rock a flannel shirt. It's a classic but versatile item that looks just as right tucked into a pair of khakis as it does unbuttoned and rolled up over a t-shirt and jeans.

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Do jean-on-jean right

All dress code jokes aside, there's truly nothing cooler than wearing a Canadian Tuxedo with confidence. Whether it's a legion of Calgary Stampede ranch-hands, Toronto rapper-come-spokesperson Drake, or much-missed Canadian rock icon Gord Downie, plenty of Canucks have doubled down on denim over the years. And let's be honest, they all looked legendary.

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Stand your ground in a warm pair of socks

Unless you're living west of the Rockies, Canada gets real cold come wintertime. And unless you're fine with a case of frostbite, you've got to dress for the occasion. A pair of warm, wooly socks in your snow boots is the classic solve. Whether you're working outdoors or just getting around town for a few hours, this layer is essential.


Top off your outfit with a toque

Once the snow starts falling, every Canuck worth his salt starts sporting a toque. And yes, calling it a toque is a non-negotiable. Some don a pom-pom on top, (arguably the original homing beacon in a blizzard), while others cut it off for a more streamlined look. What's most important is that the knit hat keeps you warm and dry throughout our proudly Canadian winter weather.

It's easy to build out a versatile and classic Canadian wardrobe. Mark's keeps it simple with the well-worn basics every guy needs.