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Fierce Halloween Costumes For Girls Who Are A Little Bit Badass

Not everyone wants to be Elsa.

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11 Halloween costume ideas for girls.

Halloween is nearly here, but there's still plenty of time to throw together a creative costume for the fierce gal in your life.

We rounded up some of the best costume ideas for girls who want to be a little more badass than Elsa this year (although, to be fair, Elsa has magical icy powers, which is still pretty rad, but we digress).

From political figures, to literary and TV heroines, to straight-up superheroes, here are 11 costume ideas to empower girls.

1. Hillary Clinton

Kevin Lamarque/Associated Press
This Oct. 18, 2011 photo of then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton checking her Blackberry inspired many, many memes.

Why: Other than the fact that she was very nearly the first female President of the United States? Clinton ignited a feminist awakening, and her badass attitude continues to inspire.

Put it together: A smart black or blue shirt, power hair, sunglasses, a cellphone, pearls, a blue brooch, and an IDGAF attitude. Sounds perfect for your threenager, are we right?

Why: Spunky Anne — the heroine from Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic novel — took no BS, was unapologetically herself, and is Canadian to boot. The "Anne with an E" adaption on Netflix has reignited the interest for a younger generation.

Put it together: Green dress, white apron, straw hat, two braids, precociousness, voila.

3. Shuri

Party City Canada
Shuri from Black Panther

Why? The fictional superhero from "Black Panther" is the sister of T'Challa (a.k.a. the Black Panther), and has genius-level intellect, some kick-ass (literally) martial arts skills, and is cheeky as anything.

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4. Frida Kahlo

Why: This iconic artistdefied stereotypes, and is considered an icon for both the feminist and the LGBTQ movements.

Put it together: All you need is a traditional Mexican-style dress (or something blousy and colourful), a floral head wreath, and an eyeliner pencil to shade in those epic brows.

5. Rey
Rey Halloween Costume.

Why? The Jakku scavenger-turned-Jedi in the "Star Wars" franchise is a total warrior and about as fierce as it gets.

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6. Tessa Virtue

Julie Jacobson/ Associated Press
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir perform during the figure skating final in the Gangneung Ice Arena at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Gangneung, South Korea, Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018.

Why: Virtue,along with her skating partner Scott Moir, won two gold medals in the PyeongChang Olympics, making the pair the most-decorated figure skaters in Olympic history. Also, the world is obsessed with her.

Put it together: A figure skating outfit, tights, pulled-back hair, a gold medal or two, a Team Canada jacket or sweater, well-earned swagger.

7. Wonder Woman

Walmart Canada
Wonder Woman

Why: She's the OG superhero badass, guys.

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8. Daenerys Targaryen

Why: The mother of dragons from "Game of Thrones" will take what is hers no matter the cost. Sure, it's more of an, um, adult show, but convincing your kid to be a dragon queen for an evening isn't exactly a hard sell, as Romper points out.

Put it together: A blonde wig, a powerful yet regal outfit (Romper suggests a tank dress with a military coat), silver dragon jewellery, and (wee!) several stuffed dragons.

9. Hermione Granger

Why? The heroine in J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series might have been muggle-born, but she's a more masterful wizard than most of her classmates. She's also unapologetically intelligent and takes zero crap.

Put it together: A Gryffindor robe, wand, armful of books (preferably about potions), masterful eye roll, and wild hair, don't care.

10. Violet

Why: The superhero from "The Incredibles" movies can render herself invisible, generate force fields, and slowly becomes more comfortable with her true self — no easy feat for a teen.

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11. Eleven

Home for the holidays like...

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Why: The telekinetic character from Netflix's popular "Stranger Things" series is a badass superhero who saves her friends and quashes her enemies. In the second season, she rocks a more punk, grown-up look, and we are very here for it.

Put it together: Slicked back hair, messy, smoky eye makeup, '80s jeans or jean overalls, baseball-style T-shirt, white sneakers, dribble of blood under the nose, eyes that have seen things.

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