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Beauty Experts Dish On The Most Underrated Drugstore Makeup

Shoppers Drug Mart employees know what’s good.

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Americans have CVS, but Canadians have SDM for their drugstore beauty needs.

For non-millennials, SDM's more recognizable moniker is Shoppers Drug Mart. You know, that place you pop into for toothpaste and leave with an entire new beauty routine. If you've set foot into a Beauty Boutique before, you'll understand why this behaviour is entirely justified.

Over the last few years, Shoppers Drug Mart has invested heavily in their beauty portfolio, growing a modest roster of brands into a full-blown beauty mecca. Drugstore brands like Paul & Joe, No7, Bourjois Paris and Milani represent just a fraction of all the exciting new names.

Another major value add was the addition of trained cosmeticians. These beauty gurus know all, including what products you aren't using, but should. With so many new brands and products to choose from, it's nice to have a little guidance. That's why HuffPost Canada enlisted the help of 10 Shoppers Drug Mart cosmeticians to spill the tea on what the most underrated drugstore beauty products are.

1. Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner by Rimmel London

Employee: Jerri Diogenous

Position: Cosmetics manager, Markham, Ont.

Number of years at Shoppers: 10

"My favourite, most underrated beauty secret is Rimmel London's Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner — my tried, tested and true beauty product. Not only does it come in multiple versatile colours, but you can sharpen it as fine as you would like for precise application. It also prevents feathering, [helps perfect] your pout and lasts through almost anything, including plenty of kisses!"

Buy it here: Shoppers Drug Mart, $6.99

2. Precision Brow Mascara by Nude by Nature

Employee: Ambrose Doucette

Position: Cosmetics manager, Toronto, Ont.

Number of years at Shoppers: 8

"This product has a tiny brush on a long wand for easy application. Its formulation is fantastic for a natural, light brow or even a heavier brow, with a few simple strokes. It conditions the brow and the ingredients are naturally derived. This company is well-known for its makeup, but a lot of people don't know about their great brow product."

Buy it here: Shoppers Drug Mart, $24

3. Glow-y Gossamer Duo Highlighter by Pixi

Employee: Ashley Roy

Position: Cosmetics manager, Saskatoon, Sask.

Number of years at Shoppers: 4

"I think the most underrated drugstore product – and one of my favourites – is the Pixi Glow-y Gossamer Duo Highlighter. This creamy, shimmery highlighter can be used at any age; it has a very natural, yet buildable finish. With a warmer and cooler option, this duo fits every skin colour. Get out there and glow!"

Buy it here: Shoppers Drug Mart, $24

4. Jumbo Eye Pencil by NYX

Employee: Yoshiko Obas

Position: Cosmetics manager, Kanata, Ont.

Number of years at Shoppers: 6

"My most underrated drugstore product is NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil. It has a very smooth application and is perfect for the waterline. I always use it for makeovers and it is so reasonably priced."

Buy it here: Shoppers Drug Mart, $5.99

5. Brow Wow Powder by Quo

Employee: Barb Barr

Position: Cosmetics manager, Victoria

Number of years at Shoppers: 31

"Brows are everything. I hear it from my customers all the time. My secret weapon is Quo Brow Wow Powder, which has a unique applicator and comes in two shades. It is easy, goop proof and doesn't take a lot of skill [to use] — just follow the line of your brow for amazing results."

Buy it here: Shoppers Drug Mart, $12

6. Glow Tonic by Pixi

Employee: Deana Roberts

Position: Cosmetics manager, Charlottetown

Number of years at Shoppers: 14

"I would have to say the glycolic products from Pixi are game changers for skin and makeup, [and] include a mud cleanser, tonic and textured cleansing pads. The Glow Tonic is amazing for any skin type. This exfoliating product helps with skincare concerns such as dullness, dryness, texture, pores and more. The benefits continue when addressing makeup application: the glycolic acid creates a smooth canvas optimal for makeup.

"[But] don't stop at the Glow Tonic. The whole Pixi line is pretty incredible, starting at skincare and finishing off with a great makeup line for anyone looking for radiant, healthy, glowing skin."

Buy it here: Shoppers Drug Mart, $10-38

7. No, My Lips Are Sealed Lipstick Topcoat by Know Cosmetics

Employee: Kathy Hagen

Position: Beauty Boutique manager, Winnipeg

Number of years at Shoppers: 30

"This product works for everyone, and if you like long-lasting lipstick but have dry lips then this product is perfect. You can use it on top of all lipsticks — even the most moisturizing — to make [it] last all day. If you find the perfect colour of lipstick, but it's not long wearing, just apply a coat of My Lips Are Sealed, wait a minute for it to dry, and you are set for the day. It is a must-have!"

Buy it here: Shoppers Drug Mart, $25

8. Facestudio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter by Maybelline

Employee: Johanna Krinberg

Position: Cosmetics manager, Richmond Hill, Ont.

Number of years at Shoppers: 8

"My favourite can't-live-without product is the Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter in Molten Gold. It has a creamy powder texture and delivers the right amount of warm shimmer and shine for the perfect highlight. Love it on cheekbones, as an eye shadow and have even used it in the centre of the lips to accentuate and add texture [to] a perfect pout. Great on all skin tones; it effortlessly completes any look."

Buy it here: Shoppers Drug Mart, $13.99

9. Micro Brow Pencil by NYX

Employee: Rayelyn Izzo

Position: Cosmetics manager, Calgary, Alta.

Number of years at Shoppers: 12

"Our [store's] favourite must-have ride-or-die product that we cannot live one day without is NYX Micro Brow Pencil. It's exceptionally multi-purpose and has a built in spoolie on the end. Price is fantastic; we rate it five out of five stars. We have way more fun with our brows on!"

Buy it here: Shoppers Drug Mart, $12.49

10. Smudgeliner in Ohmygoth! by Annabelle

Employee: Michelle Ziebinski

Position: Beauty Boutique manager, Edmonton

Number of years at Shoppers: 19

"My favourite underrated cosmetic product is the Annabelle Ohmygoth! Smudgeliner. I love it because it is so smooth. It goes on very easy, soft (but not too soft), and it lasts all day long. I also really like this one for the waterline because it lasts longer than any other black eyeliner I have tried in the drugstore."

Buy it here: Shoppers Drug Mart, $8.99

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