10/30/2018 13:59 EDT | Updated 10/31/2018 11:32 EDT

Toronto Sinkhole Devours TTC Vehicle

The driver is fine, thankfully.

A transit employee in Toronto is doing fine after the vehicle he was driving got devoured by a sinkhole Tuesday morning, a transit commission spokesperson said.

Footage of the vehicular swallowing was captured by outlets like CityNews, CTV News and Global News. Check it out:

Stuart Green told HuffPost Canada the TTC employee had initially passed by the sinkhole in his own car.

Later, after picking up his supervisor vehicle — the star of the video above — he went back to reassess whether the route could still be used for Wheel Trans, a specialized service for persons with disabilities.

"As he was approaching the area, he [was] driving through some shallow water," Green said. "The right side of the car [got] stuck, he tried to maneuver the car out, was not successful and quite quickly water started coming in enough to wet his boots and the bottom of his pants."

"So he picked up a few belongings and some of his equipment and he got out. Then the car started to sink."

Oh look, it's a metaphor for 2018.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

"He's fine," Green said of the driver. "You can imagine it's a little jarring to watch this happen, but he was fine."

The sinkhole was caused by a water main break, according to Global News. Green said as of Tuesday afternoon, the car still hasn't been towed out of its liquid tomb.

Asked if the TTC has lost vehicles to sinkholes in the past, Green laughed and said this was a topic of discussion at the office.

"We sort of had a conversation this morning [and] not to anyone's recollection. It's not to say it never happened but [there wasn't an example] that anyone could recall."

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