Non-Binary Author And Prof Lee Airton Wants To Talk About Gender

Lee Airton says everyone gets hurt when we think about gender as two separate, rigid boxes.

Gender stereotypes hurt everyone, Lee Airton says. That's why the non-binary author, advocate and Queens University professor who uses the pronoun "they" is dedicated to changing the way we talk about gender.

In their new book "Gender: Your Guide, A Gender-Friendly Primer on What to Know, What to Say, and What to Do in the New Gender Culture," Airton aims to help people understand and engage in the contemporary gender conversation.

We've long seen gender as males and females existing as totally separate. But that's never been the case, Airton says: there's nothing "new" about being transgender.

There are all kinds of visual and verbal ways people participate in the construct of gender without even knowing it, says the author. But that also means there are many easy ways people can support the trans and non-binary people in their lives.

See more from Airton by watching the video above.

Lee Airton with a copy of "Gender: Your Guide."
Lee Airton with a copy of "Gender: Your Guide."