11/10/2018 18:25 EST | Updated 11/10/2018 18:35 EST

Vancouver Aquarium Names Newest Octopus After Seth Rogen

She was almost named Octavia.

Vancouver Aquarium
Meet Ceph Rogen, the Vancouver Aquarium's newest octopus.

Seth Rogen is a lot of things: actor, comedian, writer, director, award-winner. But his crowning achievement might be something brand new. The Vancouver Aquarium's newest octopus-in-residence, Ceph Rogen, is named after him.

The aquarium held a series of polls on its Facebook page to determine what to call its newest cephalopod.

Rogen pleaded with fans on social media to vote to make his dreams come true, and boy, did they. Ceph beat out Octavia in the final round with over 90 per cent of the vote.

Other options included Luna, Houdini and the fan-suggested Cepherus Snape, a reference to a character from the Harry Potter story series.

Rogen explained on Twitter that he frequented the Vancouver Aquarium as a child. The aquarium has now extended an offer for Seth to meet Ceph in the near-future.

This isn't the first high-profile gig the 36-year-old has had in Vancouver. He recently wrapped up a session to record transit announcements for the city's TransLink.

Ceph is a giant Pacific octopus, one of the largest and longest-living octopus species in the world. The new eight-legged female is one year old, and replaces a female of the same species that was released back into the wild in March after the aquarium determined that she was reaching mating age, Global News reported.

Rogen's response to winning the naming poll was a short and sweet tweet.


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