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Advent Calendars For Adults, Because Kids Shouldn't Get To Have All The Fun

These calendars will help you love December.

It's almost December, which means shorter days, colder weather and the incessant presence of mall Christmas music. By the time Dec. 1 rolls around, we're all ready for a little pick-me-up.

That's what the advent calendar is here to do: provide a little light and levity as we count down the days until Christmas, helping ease us into December like a nice warm bath instead of being thrown into a pile of snow.

Advent calendars traditionally involve small pieces of chocolate and are given out to children. But why should kids have all the fun?

Here are some advent calendars, made especially for adults, that will help you fall in love with December.

1. L'Occitane Luxury Advent Calendar

The decadent gifts included in this calendar include a wide variety of L'Occitane products including moisturizers, lotions, oils, balms, perfume, shampoo, conditioner, soap, hand lotion and more.

Price: $134

Where to buy it: L'Occitane

2. Saje 12 Days of Wellness

Includes a ceramic oil diffuser and 11 oil blends, including cozy, festive and joyful.

Price: $110

Where to buy it: Saje

3. The Body Shop 25 Days of the Enchanted Deluxe

Features bath, body, skincare, makeup and hair products, as well as accessories.

Price: $99

Where to buy it: The Body Shop

4. Craft Beer Advent

This calendar includes 24 unique, hand-picked craft beers, including strong ales, imperial stouts, porters, bitters, blond ales and more.

Price: The price will differ by province because of provincial alcohol sales rules, but you're looking at a ballpark of $150.

Where to buy it: Availability differs by province, but you can find more information on the BeerAdvent website or Facebook page.

5. David's Tea 24 Days of Tea

For those who prefer a slightly milder holiday beverage.

Price: $49

Where to buy it: David's Tea

6. Squish 24 Days of Candy

Delicious "gourmet" candy is what everyone wants for Christmas, right? Each day also suggests a way to spread love and gratitude, and a portion of the profits go the P.K. Subban Foundation.

Price: $39

Where to buy it: It's sold out on Squish's website, but available in stores. (The vegan version can still be bought online.)

7. Essie 12-Day calendar

Get 12 new nail polish colours, as well as a high-quality base coat and top coat.

Price: $39.97

Where to buy it: Walmart

8. NYX Sugar Trip 24 Days of Beauty

Eyeshadows, highlighters, blush and lip colours are all included.

Price: $75

Where to buy it: NYX Cosmetics

9. Popcorn

For fans of wacky popcorn flavours like cookies and cream, and chocolate orange.

Price: $42+

Where to buy it: I Want One Of Those

10. Lush 12 Days of Christmas

This Lush 12-pack includes a wide variety of both Christmas-specific and more general-use bath products — and, as the product description notes, the box can later be repurposed as a hatbox. Can't beat a hatbox.

Price: $99

Where to buy it: Lush

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