Christmas Gifts For Teachers That Show Your Appreciation

These great ideas cost $30 and under.
You don't have to spend a fortune to find a great gift for your child's teacher.
You don't have to spend a fortune to find a great gift for your child's teacher.

The holidays are a great time of year to give small gifts to the people you most appreciate — and if you have a school-aged child, one of those people is likely their teacher. But it can be hard to know what will be most appreciated, useful, or even cherished.

Fortunately, there are plenty of lovely things available at Canadian retailers that won't break the bank and don't require you to know the teacher's interests and lifestyle inside and out. These 20 Christmas gifts for teachers below are all available in store or online in Canada, and cost $30 or less at regular price.

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Finally, many teachers say the most cherished gifts are the simple ones, like a gift card for a modest treat, or something handmade by a student. If finances are a concern, or you just aren't sure what your child's favourite teacher will appreciate, something made with love will always be right.

1. Refillable zip journal

This lovely journal can be refilled when the paper is used up.

Buy it here: Chapters/Indigo, $16.80

2. Copper tape dispenser

Jazz up the teacher's desk with this modern and minimalist tape dispenser.

Buy it here: Amazon, $10.56

3. Labradorite soap rock

This bar of soap is a fun and unexpected gift for a favourite science teacher.

Buy it here: Drake General Store, $18

4. David's Tea gift set

This set with 24 of the company's favourite teas is a great way to spread out a treat for teacher.

Buy it here: David's Tea, $25

5. Saje We Three Lotions set

Great-smelling lotions made with natural ingredients are a wintertime must-have.

Buy it here: Saje, $15.95

6. Small canvas pouch

Fun pencil cases aren't only for kids! This cute pouch can be monogrammed for an extra personal touch.

Buy it here: Lands' End, $19.30

7. Because Teaching Is Hard mug

Sometimes it just makes sense to acknowledge reality.

Buy it here: Chapters/Indigo, $12

8. Cabin socks (3-pack)

Canadian winters are long, but a cozy pair of socks can help. These pairs from Roots are available in both men and women's sizes.

Buy it here: Roots, $28

9. New York Times Crossword Puzzles book

Any fan of words — say, an English teacher? — will appreciate this book, with puzzles dating back to 1942.

Buy it here: Drake General Store, $18

10. L'Occitane Amande hand cream

Grading a bunch of papers is annoying but also drying, and this rich cream could come in... handy.

Buy it here: Sephora, $12

11. Bialetti coffee press

If your child's favourite teacher is a bit of a coffee snob, they'll appreciate having this on hand for lunch breaks.

Buy it here: Costco, $24.99

12. Tervis 24 oz. water bottle

Teachers have to talk a lot, so having water at their desk is key.

Buy it here: Bed Bath & Beyond, $24.99

13. Fleece scarf

It's Canada — everyone can use a warm scarf, and this one can be monogrammed.

Buy it here: Lands' End, $20.68

14. CXBO butter tart chocolate bar

Up your game from Pot of Gold and treat your kid's teacher to something truly decadent.

Buy it here: Drake General Store, $9

15. David's Tea perfect mug

If the teacher is more of a tea drinker, a mug with a lid and infuser will be appreciated.

Buy it here: David's Tea, $20

16. Peppermint Halo

This is the aromatherapy retailer's bestselling product, and is a nice gift to get if your own child might be causing the headaches.

Buy it here: Saje, $26.95

17. Cineplex gift card

Give your child's teacher the gift of not thinking about curriculum for a few hours, thanks to a cinema gift card.

Buy it here: Cineplex, $30 (price is customizable)

18. Roots enamel mug candle

The wooden wick makes a relaxing crackling sound as it burns, and the candle container gets new life as a mug.

Buy it here: Roots, $22

19. 2018 Best Teacher ornament

Sometimes the classics are perfect, just like this crystal-accented tree ornament.

Buy it here: Bed Bath & Beyond, $11.99

20. You're A Star candy gift box

Tell the teacher just how much they mean to you and your child with these quality gummy candies.

Buy it here: Squish, $12