12/05/2018 16:51 EST | Updated 12/05/2018 16:51 EST

Saskatoon Police Arrest Joseph Vermette After He Taunts Them On Facebook

They got the last laugh.

Challenge crushed! At least that's what Saskatoon's police force had to say after a wanted man wrote "catch me if you can pigs" on the Saskatoon Crime Stoppers Facebook page in November.

They certainly did.

Joseph Vermette was arrested less than three weeks later, according to a Tuesday post on the page. Police didn't share if he was charged with anything but his original comment was on a post about mailbox break-ins.

"The challenge heard across the province was accepted and has been successfully crushed!!!...Anyone else feel up to issuing a foolish challenge?" the victory post said.

This isn't the first time a suspect evading arrest has used social media to mock the police looking for them and ended up being the butt of the joke.

Last year, North Wales Police shared a photo of a wanted man named Martin Tate on their Facebook page. He commented that the force "can't catch" him and that he would "have the last laugh."

Unfortunately for Tate, police did eventually catch him and he landed himself in prison for five months for assault and other offenses, according to BBC News.

Other suspects havetried similar tacticsand also been apprehended.

In a similar, but more voluntary instance, a man in Michigan taunted the Redford Police Department last year, writing "You guys suck!" on their page. He eventually sent the police page a direct message saying that he'd turn himself in for his misdemeanour charges and bring a dozen doughnuts with him too if a post about him got 1,000 shares.

The public pulled through, and true to his word, Champagne Torino aka Michael Zaydel arrived at the station to be arrested bearing a box of doughnuts and one bagel — for an officer who reportedly prefers them.

What a good sport.

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