12/12/2018 18:05 EST | Updated 12/13/2018 12:21 EST

Rodger Cuzner's 2018 Christmas Poem Mocks Scheer-Ford Relationship

The most highly anticipated tradition in the canon of member statements.

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Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner delivers his annual Christmas poem in the House of Commons on Dec. 12, 2018.

OTTAWA — Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner served his annual holiday roast in the House of Commons Wednesday, delivering a sweep of poetic partisan pot shots at colleagues across the aisle.

The Nova Scotia MP shared his latest rendition of "'Twas The Night Before Christmas," threaded with reminders of the past year's headaches for opposition parties, hitting on the Tories' ties with Ontario's PC government to the NDP leader's byelection prospects.

But all the excitement for the annual tradition may have caused Cuzner to make a minor slip when he meant to mock Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer's relationship with Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

Instead of saying "Doug Ford," the Liberal MP said "Rob Ford," the premier's late brother who had garnered significant publicity while he was in public office.

Watch Cuzner entertain MPs with his 2018 edition of his Christmas poem:

Read Cuzner's full poem below:

'Twas the week before Christmas, and our last week in this place;

So here's one final diddy before they walk out the mace.

Let me ask your indulgence and suggest that we pause;

To see what's in those letters to our dear Santa Clause.

The opposition leader asked Santa for a fresh ride;

A new Ford family wagon, he'd drive it with pride.

But to get something so bloated, the chances are slim;

And from early indications, it seems Ford is driving him.

Gift-wrapped surprises are Scheer delights;

Like when Rob Ford said "Au Revoir" to Francophone rights.

He'll ask Santa for groceries, is everyone's hunch;

Because the member from Beauce has been out eating his lunch.

The NDP letter provides a bit of a twist;

A victory in Burnaby is not on their list!

And in Quebec when Bloc support has gone right through the floor;

They're just beggin' ol' Santa to be relevant once more.

What's in the PM's letter, you need not ask twice;

Peace, hope, and justice and a pipeline would be nice.

And my ask for Santa doesn't have to be seen;

It's four more years of good government, starting 2019!

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