01/02/2019 20:52 EST | Updated 01/03/2019 12:29 EST

Seeking Trump’s Help To Find A Wife, Canadian Yianny Georgopoulos Gets Arrested Instead

He brought the president two bottles of Crown Royal as a gift.

A story of encouragement if you think you overdid it on New Year's Eve: a Canadian man figured the best way to find a wife was to head to the White House and seek U.S. President Donald Trump's help.

Oh, and while he was at it, he allegedly brought two bottles of Crown Royal whisky as gifts for the president, according to media reports.

The suspect, identified as Yianny Georgopoulos, moved a bicycle rack meant as a security barrier and accessed a restricted area along the north fence of the White House. He was "immediately" arrested, just after midnight on Wednesday, according to police documents first revealed by NBC reporter Scott MacFarlane.

Georgopoulos told police that he "wanted help from the President to find a wife."

Did he assume Trump, who has been married three times, has expertise in that area? Or did he figure that if even Trump can find a wife, the odds are pretty good for the rest of us? Who knows.

Georgopoulos's choice of gift is particularly misguided because the president, rather famously, doesn't drink alcohol.

People on social media obviously had some opinions on Georgopoulos's quest.

According to the police documents, Georgopoulos also admitted to having stalked a cousin, and been recently arrested for "threatening family." He said he had no plans to return home.

No other details have emerged about Georgopoulos, or what fuelled his alcohol-accessorized pitch for marital advice.

Suffice to say: he's still single, ladies!

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