01/04/2019 15:26 EST | Updated 01/04/2019 15:26 EST

3-Letter Baby Names To Keep Things Short And Sweet

They're predicted to trend in 2019.

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Four-letter names are out. Three-letter names are in.

In the era of unique names, some parents are looking to keep things simple. That's why Nameberry predicts three-letter names are poised to become one of 2019's biggest trends.

"Four letters might be a marker of name popularity, à laNo. 1 Emma and Liam, but minimalist three-letter names are the sleek, sweet names of the future," Nameberry founders Linda Rosenkrantz and Pamela Redmond wrote on the baby name site.

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The popularity of short names has been on the rise in the U.S. since 1989. "An emphasis on vowels over consonant sounds" is a contributing factor to this (ie. Ava vs. Clementine), as well as parents' love of nicknames (ie. Kit > Christopher), name expert Laura Wattenberg, who runs the site Baby Name Wizard, explained to Quartz.

We can certainly see the appeal of three-letter names. Liv or Pax, for example, pack a punch with their simplicity and are both very memorable. Not only that, but three-letter names are also easy to spell and tend to be easy to pronounce, too (your future child will thank you later).

With that in mind, here are our picks for the best three-letter names, and why they'd be the perfect choice for any baby-to-be.

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Short names have been on the rise in the U.S. since 1989.


The beauty of Ari is that it's a unisex name. While many associate it with the name Ariana thanks to the famous pop star, Ari is also a nickname for Ariel, which was originally a boy name. Not only is the gender-neutral factor a big draw for this moniker, but so is its alluring sound.


Baz is the ultimate nickname as a first name. The moniker is a unique short-form for either Sebastian or Basil. Parents who like names with a bit of flair will appreciate Baz's quirkiness. The most famous person to bear this moniker is Australian director Baz Luhrmann.


This Greek moniker is pronounced tay-a and means "goddess." We love that Téa gives off both sweet and sophisticated vibes, while also having a playful, feminine sound.

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Animal names are one of the predicted baby name trends for 2019.


If you want an uber cool name for your little one, then Fox is it. This slick name is right on trend this year, and it's not just because it's three letters. Animal names used as middle names are predicted to be big in 2019, but if you're feeling particularly bold, Fox also makes a fashionable first name.


Esi (eh-see) is an African name meaning "Sunday born." It's not a name you hear everyday, but that's all part of its appeal. Esi is a vibrant name that gives off friendly vibes. It famously belongs to award-winning Canadian novelist Esi Edugyan.


Old-fashioned baby names were on the rise in 2018, which means Bea isn't that unusual of a choice for your wee one. Bea has a sweet and charming sound, as well as a very positive meaning: "she who brings happiness."

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Kai is a good option for parents who love nature names.


This Hawaiian name has a memorable sound and a lovely meaning: "sea." Kai is the perfect choice for parents who want a trendy name that has a subtle connection to nature. The moniker is also unisex, and can alternatively be spelled with a "C."


If you think the name Rey has an air of authority about it, you're right. That's because Rey is a Spanish name that means "king." Although the sound is the same as Ray, the alternative spelling is a breath of fresh air. Rey's "Star Wars" connection might also be appealing to some parents.

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Biblical names are out and spiritual names are in for 2019, which means Zen will likely start climbing the popularity charts soon. Zen has a spunky vibes and automatically gets cool points just for starting with the letter "Z."


The name Ora is playfully alluring thanks to its sound. The Latin moniker means "prayer" and sounds like it could fit into the spiritual name category. Parents who want a short and pretty moniker for their little one should definitely consider Ora.