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Charming Video Meme Of Chinese Families Is Taking Over The Internet

Get ready to 'awwwwwww' big time.

TikTok video clips of four generations of Chinese families are winning the internet's heart.
TikTok video clips of four generations of Chinese families are winning the internet's heart.

Hold onto your feelings, people. It's about to get extra mushy in here.

People have been filming short videos of their multi-generational families on the Chinese app TikTok — with an emphasis on the multi.

Watch the clips here:

Each video starts with either a son or daughter on screen, calling for their dad or mom respectively. Then that dad or mom appears, and calls for their dad or mom. Then that parent calls for their parent, until four generations are standing together.

It's pretty awesome to watch. There are even a couple of performances at the end of the montage above.

Buzzfeed's Kassy Cho brought the meme to the non-TikTok masses with her tweets Friday morning, and naturally, the internet fell quickly in love.

The clips were created on the massively popular Chinese app Douyin, also known as TikTok, which lets users create short clips up to 15 seconds, set to music. A Dec. 19, 2018 TikTok post on the Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo revealed one of the four-generation clips had garnered two million likes.

TikTok is the sixth most popular free app globally, and recently merged with, another massively popular short video app.

So, now you know what the kids are up to these days. And their parents. And their parents' parents. And their parents' parents' parents.

Now excuse us while we rewatch that montage.

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