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Colin Walter's Hockey Marriage Proposal To Rebecca Preston Is So Very Canadian

Puck drop = 'Will you marry me?' mic drop.
Colin Walter proposes to Rebecca Preston in the most Canadian way.
Colin Walter proposes to Rebecca Preston in the most Canadian way.

Rebecca Preston had planned to spend New Year's Eve skating with friends before they all retreated to her home for a low-key celebration to ring in the new year.

What she didn't know at the time was that she'd ring in the new year with, well, a new ring.

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And so, the 27-year-old strapped on skates that her partner Colin Walter, 35, had bought her for her birthday last year and shimmied around on a frozen pond behind their home in Westlake, a hamlet in the county of Grande Prairie, Alta.

Preston had learned to skate over the past year, telling HuffPost Canada that she didn't think much of it when Walter asked her to practice passing the puck that afternoon as their friends skated around.

Until, during one rally, the puck arrived at her skates with a ring box fashioned on top of it.

As the couple's favourite song, "Greatest Love Story" by the group Lanco played in the background, Walter dropped to one knee.

One way to put a ring on it!
One way to put a ring on it!

"I just didn't believe what was happening and in such a beautiful way," Preston told HuffPost Canada. "I had to get Colin to hold me up for a bit because my legs were shaking so bad, I couldn't skate. I was just too excited."

Her friend, Corey Sorenson, who was recording the video, was likewise emotional, said Preston.

"He let out a tiny little scream during the proposal and actually teared up when I said yes!" said the hospital switchboard operator. "I always call him my brother-in-law because he is so close with Colin and is a part of most of our adventures."

This ultimate Canadian proposal was born from the couple's love for the Edmonton Oilers. The pair have spent many a night watching hockey over the four years they've dated, as well as skating with friends over the past year.

"I knew I wanted do it at the pond while skating because that's an activity we love doing with our friends, and we always have the best time," said Walter. "But I didn't decide on passing the puck 'til the day before, so I actually had to send Corey to the store to help me find the Velcro tape to make it all work."

A video of the couple's scoring moment posted on CBC's Instagram has garnered almost 50,000 views at time of publish.

"I'm pretty proud of myself for coming up with such an original idea!" said Walter. "The idea just kind of came to me when I was thinking about how to do it and it turned out perfect. It feels great. I wasn't expecting the viral video, but it makes it more special."

Preston agrees that this is a new year's eve they'll never forget.

"It was the most amazing moment of my life," she said. "I still can't shake the feeling to be honest I catch myself just smiling constantly."

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