01/05/2019 18:17 EST | Updated 01/07/2019 22:25 EST

Cinematographer Andy Wood's Ontario Lake Skate Video Is Like A Giant Exhale

Your decidedly-Canadian ASMR fix.

UPDATE - Jan. 6, 2019: Skaters beware: conditions aren't always so ideal. Police are asking the public to avoid Mississippi Lake after two vehicles broke through the ice resulting in a potential fatality, CBC News reports.

If one of your 2019 resolutions was to de-stress, Toronto-based cinematographer Andy Wood has a video you should check out immediately.

Wood shot this stunning piece of Canadiana over the holidays while visiting his parents' home in Carleton Place, Ontario — an idyllic town about 45 minutes outside of Ottawa. The skate was on nearby Mississippi Lake.

While it's not the first time Wood has ventured to the lake in search of a place to skate, Mother Nature conspired to create the perfect rink this year.

"Every Christmas we head up there in hopes that the lake will be frozen with perfect ice conditions so we can skate and play hockey," Wood told HuffPost Canada.

"Some past years it's been too mild or the ice just wasn't smooth enough but we were fortunate this year to have perfect conditions."

Wood, who has also shot video for VICE, CBC and MTV Canada, used a drone to capture the moment.

"It was just so freeing and calming skating over such a large frozen mass of water," he said. "All you heard was the sound of your skating on the ice."

Excuse us while we watch nothing but this for the rest of the weekend.

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