01/18/2019 12:32 EST | Updated 01/18/2019 12:59 EST

RCMP Officer Takes 100-Year-Old Regina Birthday Gal For A Spin On The Dance Floor

Her wish came true!

RCMP Depot Division/Facebook
Cpl. Daryl Chernoff takes 100-year-old Elsie Shepherd for a glide around the dance floor at her birthday party.

Deep down, every gal just wants a bit of special attention on her birthday.

And one Saskatchewan centenarian got just that, when her wish to dance with a Mountie came true.

Cpl. Daryl Chernoff and several of his colleagues from the Depot Division in Regina, were on hand to celebrate Elsie Shepherd's 100th birthday at a nursing home Tuesday, according to a post on the division's Facebook page.

He told CBC News that he overheard Shepherd say several times that she felt like dancing.

"I looked over to her son and asked him if it would be OK if I danced with his mom and he said, of course I could and so I went around took her over to the dance floor and they played some music and the rest is history," Chernoff told Global News.

In the video, a delighted Shepherd can be seen smiling up from her wheelchair as Chernoff steers her around in a sweet waltz.

The video left a little something in the eye of hundreds of commenters on Facebook, with many thanking Chernoff for his sweet gesture.

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