01/29/2019 10:00 EST | Updated 01/29/2019 10:35 EST

This Crustless Pizza Recipe Is All Cheese ... And More Cheese

Why bother with dough?

Everyone knows the best part of pizza is the cheese.

Now, imagine a pizza that is made ENTIRELY of cheese — yes, your dreams really are coming true. This crustless pizza recipe from Delish does away with dough, and instead uses a base made from melty, crispy mozzarella.

Yes, you're basically just eating fried cheese topped with more cheese and pepperoni, but no one is judging your choices. Add a marinara sauce for dipping and you have the perfect snack, whether it's for the kids, game day, or to share after the kids go to bed on date night.

The best part? Eliminating the crust means the whole thing is ready in just 15 minutes. And technically, you could call this a low-carb recipe. You know, for your health.

Get the full recipe for crustless pepperoni pizza here.

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