02/04/2019 16:35 EST | Updated 02/05/2019 12:00 EST

Victoria Man Pranks Family In Ontario With 'Snow Shovelling' Video

Talk about comedic timing.

Daniel Smith Mowtime Franchise/YouTube
Daniel Smith filmed a video of himself

"Hey everyone. January 29, 2019," Daniel Smith says as he looks into the camera, wearing a toque and bundled in a heavy winter jacket.

"This cold weather and this snow is unbelievable up here in Canada," he continues, his face hiding an incoming, gargantuan smirk.

"It's absolutely ridiculous, the amount we have to shovel here. Got my snowblower going. It is freezing out. I hope everyone's safe."

And then, the reveal:

"I just wanted to show everybody what it's like to shovel snow in Victoria, B.C. in January," he says as he ... revs up a lawnmower.

"What snow? Come on, suckers! I'm out. I gotta finish mowing my lawn."

Smith told HuffPost Canada he filmed the coldblooded video last week to poke fun at his brother-in-law and family in Ontario, who were going through a monstrous winter storm.

"They absolutely loved it. They thought it was so funny," Smith said.

'I put it all on my brother-in-law. I blamed him'

People who watched the video on YouTube seemed to love it, too.

But the video may have backfired as Victoria, believe it or not, is now seeing snow.

"I'm shocked they haven't shut the city down yet. We got a couple of centimetres of snow," Smith said laughing.

"I put it all on my brother-in-law. I blamed him. I say that he jinxed us because I did that video for him."

After the interview, Smith sent HuffPost evidence of the unholy blanket of snow that has walloped the city.

Courtesy Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith sent HuffPost Canada this mortifying image of the heavy snow that engulfed Victoria.