Celebrate Lunar New Year With This Recipe For Chinese Dumplings

They're a labour of love.

Today, the Year of the Earth Dog is officially over and the Year of the Earth Pig begins. Celebrations will be held around the world, and many of those will involve food.

One of these traditional foods are dumplings, which are meant to bring peace to families. The process of making these delicious delicacies, which can involve several people, is seen as an opportunity to bring families together.

They're a little labour intensive, as you can see in the video above, but they're a labour of love. And they're so tasty! So why not try making them as a family and see if it brings you closer to each other? Kids will love pressing the wrappers together (all that Play-Doh practice is finally put to good use), and everyone will love eating the finished product.

Get the full recipe for shrimp, pork, and leek dumplings here(at the bottom of the article, under "recipes"). For an easier version, try this recipe for pork dumplings that uses pre-made wrappers.